Chad is a virtual assistant that frees you from useless meetings.

The result of years of AI research, Chad uses advanced NLP techniques to excuse you from events you don't want to go to.

See it in action.

From:  Paul Reasoner (
To:  You
Subject:  Your burn rate

Hi Josh,

I'd like to talk about your burn rate. Let's meet over coffee.

- Paul

1. Get invited to a meeting

You're heads down, working on your next idea but your agenda is full of useless meetings.

Luckily, Chad can help!

From: You
To:  Paul Reasoner (
Cc:  Chad Smith (
Subject: Re: Your burn rate

Sure! I've cc'ed Chad to schedule a meeting.


2. CC

Loop in Chad.

From:  Chad Smith (
To:  Paul Reasoner (, You
Subject: Re: Your burn rate

Hiya 😀,

Would you be available Tuesday at 9AM?


3. Like the Terminator, Chad kills meetings before they happen

Chad constantly reschedules your meeting. You won't hear from the other person for a long time!

From:  Paul Reasoner (
To:  Chad Smith (
Cc:  You
Subject: Re: Your burn rate

Works for me.

- Paul

From:  Chad Smith (
To:  Paul Reasoner (, You
Subject: Re: Your burn rate

Looks like I've accidentally double booked! 😁

Would you be available on Thursday at 3PM instead?


Here's what our users say about us:

“Chad really is a game changer.”

- Anonymous startup founder

“I can't overemphasize how much time Chad freed. I finally have some heads down time!”

- Anonymous founding engineer

“As a slick VC I get invited to a lot of meetings. Chad makes it easy to tactfully decline them.”

- Anonymous VC


We have answers.

Q: Can I use Chad with my email address?

A: Not yet, but you will be able to soon!

Q: I want to be excused from my best friend's wedding.

A: Don't we all? We're working on Chad: Friends and Family edition for all those annoying family events.

Q: What about privacy?

A: Like the NSA, Chad only uses email metadata to compose replies. This should be pretty safe. 😄

Q: How do I contact support?

A: Shoot an email to It's read by humans.